Setup a PPTP VPN in OpenVZ

Written by Admin Thursday, 10 January 2013 13:52


Only the steps are mentioned below.

1. Make sure devel package of the OpenVZ kernel is installed in HN.


2. Make sure TUN/TAP is enabled for the VE and PPTP VPN is installed and running.


3. Load all the PPP modules in HN




modprobe tun

modprobe ppp-compress-18

modprobe ppp_mppe

modprobe ppp_deflate

modprobe ppp_async

modprobe pppoatm

modprobe ppp_generic


4. Stop the VE


# vzctl stop {VEID}

5. From HN, run the below commands:



# vzctl set {VEID} --features ppp:on --save

# vzctl start {VEID}

# vzctl set {VEID} --devices c:108:0:rw --save

# vzctl exec {VEID} mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0

# vzctl exec {VEID} chmod 600 /dev/ppp


6. Login to VE and see if the 'pppd' command works.



# /usr/sbin/pppd

If you see some garbage values, it means it is enabled correctly.